Ana's Revenge Teasers for May 2023

Ana’s Revenge Teasers for May 2023; Everything Cooking in the Latest Episodes

Ana’s Revenge Teasers; Coming up on Ana’s Revenge in May 2023:

Monday 1 May 2023

Sophia finds out about Rosario’s file. The Engineer is threatening the reporter. Mejia is secretly recorded while he is planning to have Santiago killed.

Tuesday 2 May 2023

Mark meets with Mejia, and Pablo talks to Eugenia about Ana Lucia and Analia. Juan Mario finds Rosario’s secret box and finds proof against Mejia.

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Wednesday 3 May 2023

Analia and her team look at the proof given by Juan Mario. Mejia scares Analia. Analia finds Mejia’s rape victims. Santiago gets let out of jail.

Thursday, May 4th, 2023

Santiago makes plans to leave the country. Mark tells Analia that Mejia was behind Rosario’s death. Analia encourages Mark to work with Mejia.

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Friday 5 May 2023

The story of Analia is told to Mejia’s children. Juan Mario and Alejandra plan to get rid of Mejia, and Eugenia asks for help from one of Mejia’s victims.

Saturday 6 May 2023

Dorita and Toto put a trap for the Engineer. Benji and Sofia talk about their friendship. Dorita tries to record the Engineer’s statement.

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Sunday, May 7, 2023, will be the last episode.

Liliana says she’s quitting the effort. Mejia’s party leaves him. Juan Mario, Alejandra, and Sofia talk to Mejia about Rosario’s death.

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