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Gqeberha The Empire Teasers for August 2023; A Sneak Peek of Upcoming Episodes

Gqeberha The Empire Teasers for August 2023; In the latest episodes of “Gqeberha: The Empire,” Bulelwa clings to hope for Thulani’s survival, while Nozuko fears exposure of her secret. Nontle’s mission continues to impact those around her, and Thulani faces increasing challenges. Tensions rise as characters navigate grief, deception, and personal struggles, setting the stage for intense drama and conflicts to come.

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Gqeberha:The Empire Teasers for August 2023

Tues 1 Aug 2023
Ep. 142

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The belief in Thulani’s survival grows stronger for Bulelwa, while Luzuko frets over the risk of exposure by Fakude to Bulelwa. Nontle’s mission continues to impact Funeka and Msimelelo. Thulani and Anathi face increasing challenges.

Wed 2 Aug 2023
Ep. 143

Nozuko takes drastic measures to safeguard her and Luzuko’s secret. Thulani encounters severe difficulties on the streets of EL, while Bulelwa reaches her breaking point. Nontle remains unwavering in keeping Thulani’s memory alive.

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Thu 3 Aug 2023
Ep. 144

Zimkhitha resorts to extreme measures to force Bulelwa to accept Thulani’s death. Anathi delivers a harsh reality check to Thulani. Funeka grows concerned about Nontle’s behavior.

Fri 4 Aug 2023
Ep. 145

Bulelwa begins to come to terms with her grief, while Nozuko grapples with inner demons. Thulani finds himself exposed in a dire situation. Nontle’s grief becomes increasingly costly.

Mon 7 Aug 2023
Ep. 146

Thulani navigates the challenges of finding his place without the Mxenge name. Zimkhitha instructs Ntando to prepare for assuming the throne.

Tue 8 Aug 2023
Ep. 147

Zimkhitha insists that her children give up their opportunity to run the business and support Ntando. Thulani loses his temper and raises the blackmail amount. Sivuyile surprises everyone with a new career goal.

Wed 9 Aug 2023
Ep. 148

Thulani and Anathi have a heated argument, leading Anathi to suggest a breakup. Stokkie promises to assist Thulani in finding incriminating information about Dali. Nontle finally persuades Sivuyile to pursue music.

Thu 10 Aug 2023
Ep. 149

Thulani and Stokkie embark on a mission to gather dirt on Dali before his secret is revealed. Ntando and Mpilo’s competitiveness escalates into a full-blown fight. Gubevu makes a comeback.

Fri 11 Aug 2023
Ep. 150

Thulani manages to extricate himself from a difficult situation. Mpilo withdraws from the race for the top position. Gubevu believes he can kickstart his grandson’s career.

Mon 14 Aug 2023
Ep. 151

The battle lines are drawn between Nobomi and Ntando. Thulani and Anathi start a business in East London with the support of their close friends. Gubevu infiltrates Sivuyile’s management.

Tue 15 Aug 2023
Ep. 152

Amanda’s food truck experiences an exciting start. Ntando sabotages Nobomi. Sivuyile struggles in the spotlight.

Wed 16 Aug 2023
Ep. 153

Nobomi discovers who sabotaged her. Nozuko gets an opportunity to shine. Sivuyile and Gubevu prepare for a big show.

Thu 17 Aug 2023
Ep. 154

Ntando’s premature celebration leads to Luzuko expecting him to reconcile with Nobomi. Nozuko grapples with self-doubt. Gubevu capitalizes on Sivuyile’s successful first performance.

Fri 18 Aug 2023
Ep. 155

Ntando resents Nobomi’s attempts to outshine him once again. Funeka worries about the attention Sivuyile receives from female fans. Nozuko feels acknowledged and validated.

Mon 21 Aug 2023
Ep. 156

Ntando feels defeated as Luzuko mentors Nobomi, reminiscent of his guidance of Thulani. Mpilo and Fundiswa regret agreeing to be on Nozuko’s reality show when she starts oversharing. Gubevu effortlessly handles Sivuyile’s financial concerns.

Tue 22 Aug 2023
Ep. 157

Nozuko envies the attention Nomaflower receives from the TV crew and devises a plan to humiliate her. Ntando develops a scheme to frame Nobomi for financial fraud.

Wed 23 Aug 2023
Ep. 158

Nozuko’s newfound fame begins to ruffle feathers, particularly among those closest to her. Nobomi unknowingly seals her own fate. Sivuyile receives a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Thu 24 Aug 2023
Ep. 159

Nozuko asserts her new status as a reality star, causing friction with those around her. Gubevu conceals Sivuyile’s advance payment from the family. Ntando grows anxious for Nobomi’s downfall, but it seems delayed.

Fri 25 Aug 2023
Ep. 160

Ntando outmaneuvers Nobomi. Nozuko takes her actions against Nomaflower to the extreme. Gubevu is excluded from the equation.

Mon 28 Aug 2023
Ep. 161

Nozuko’s dreams of a reality show turn into a nightmare. Ntando’s plan unfolds, affecting Nobomi and Bulelwa. Gubevu is forced to dance.

Tue 29 Aug 2023
Ep. 162

Nobomi threatens Ntando, demanding he confess to framing her or face dire consequences. Nozuko spirals after the screening. Gubevu entices Msimelelo into engaging in illegal gold trading.

Wed 30 Aug 2023
Ep. 163

Betrayal ensues as Luzuko insults Bulelwa when she attempts to reason with him. Nozuko’s privacy rights are compromised. Funeka experiences a setback at the Tshisanyama.

Thu 31 Aug 2023
Ep. 164

Nozuko implores Luzuko to assist her in leaving the TV show. Frustrated by the lack of police support, Nontle takes matters into her own hands. Nobomi suspects Mpilo’s involvement, but Ntando remains unconcerned.

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