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Hart Van Goud Teasers for August 2023; Sneak Peek at the Coming Episodes

Hart Van Goud Teasers for August 2023; In August 2023 of Hart Van Goud, Zerrin suspects Azra’s hidden agenda while Nehir and Nazim face distress over Mert’s disappearance. Tensions rise as Nehir grows closer to Alihan, and Meryem’s family grieves her death. Meanwhile, conflicts, secrets, and dangerous situations entangle the characters, leading to intense confrontations and life-altering decisions.

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Tues 1 Aug 2023
Ep 87

Zerrin’s suspicions of Azra intensify over time – can she uncover Azra’s plans? Meanwhile, Nehir and Nazim are devastated by Mert’s disappearance.

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Wed 2 Aug 2023
Ep 88

Nazim’s growing paranoia drives him to track Nehir and Mert’s whereabouts. How will he react when Mert befriends an attractive father?

Thu 3 Aug 2023
Ep 89

Nehir’s closeness to Alihan unsettles Nazim, but is Nazim onto something? Meryem’s family finally discovers her lifeless body. How will they cope with her demise?

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Fri 4 Aug 2023
Ep 90

Meyrem’s funeral prompts impulsive decisions, leaving Zahra confused. Alihan confesses something shocking to Nehir. Demir prepares to make his move.

Mon 7 Aug 2023
Ep 91

Nazim faces obstacles in his search for the warehouse fire culprit. Alihan takes advantage of Nehir’s kindness, arousing suspicions.

Tue 8 Aug 2023
Ep 92

Chaos ensues when Halit discovers Zahra’s hidden secret, endangering everyone. Nazim investigates the responsible party behind the warehouse incident.

Wed 9 Aug 2023
Ep 93

Nehir finds herself in another perilous situation when Azra betrays Demir and flees. Will anyone come to her rescue this time?

Thu 10 Aug 2023
Ep 94

With Nehir missing, Tarik and Nazim set aside their differences, but can they save her in time? Halit continues to make life difficult for Ibrahim and Zahra.

Fri 11 Aug 2023
Ep 95

Nehir and Nazim are rescued, but Nazim’s life hangs by a thread. This prompts Nehir to make a potentially costly decision.

Mon 14 Aug 2023
Ep 96

Nehir keeps her promise to save Nazim’s life. How will everyone react when news of Tarik and Nehir’s marriage emerges? Azra is desperate to prove she’s Bahar’s sister.

Tue 15 Aug 2023
Ep 97

Nazim desperately seeks the true reason behind Tarik and Nehir’s marriage. Zahra exposes the real murderer of Halil. Tarik fights to salvage his reputation – how far will he go?

Wed 16 Aug 2023
Ep 98

Tarik proposes to Zahra with ulterior motives. Will his plans succeed? And if they do, will Nazim and Halit let him go unpunished?

Thu 17 Aug 2023
Ep 99

Nazim’s suspicion drives him to follow Bahar’s trail. Will he uncover the truth about his transplant, and what does it mean for his and Nehir’s future?

Fri 18 Aug 2023
Ep 100

Bahar discovers the truth about Azra. Nehir and Nazim find themselves facing a familiar situation due to Demir and Tarik.

Mon 21 Aug 2023
Ep 101

Bahar narrowly escapes death at Demir’s hands. Nehir sends divorce papers to Tarik, but he refuses to give up on the woman he loves.

Tue 22 Aug 2023
Ep 102

Tarik’s obsession with Nehir reaches a breaking point. Who will end up with their true love, and who will be left with a broken heart?

The series Chrysalis will premiere once Hart van Goud concludes.

Premiere episodes of Hart van Goud air on eExtra from Mon to Fri at 20h30.

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