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12 Latest Pondo Hairstyles in South Africa 2023

Ponytails, also known as pondo hairstyles for women, are hairstyles that pull the hair away from the face to the centre, leaving the tip untethered or knotted. Making this hairdo is rather simple for white ladies or women who maintain long hair. However, even if your hair is short, you may still rock any Pondo hairstyle with the use of an extension or attachment.

pondo hairstyles are sweeping South Africa! Pondo hairstyles for black women are expected to be among the trendiest hair trends in 2022 and will definitely endure for a very long time. It is still the hottest look, and it suits all women, from celebrities to businesswomen to college students to stay-at-home mothers.

The hair is a crucial component of any look. Enhancing self-esteem and confidence greatly depends on having a haircut that flatters your face shape and is fashionable. A hairstyle serves as more than just a reflection of your personal style. It is a crucial component of your personality and greatly affects how other people see you. The most popular pondo hairstyles in South Africa for 2022 are included in this article.

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Crowned in dreds

This hairdo is simple to do and easy on the eyes. It is a quick hairstyle that will have you prepared in a matter of minutes. You’ll be prepared to take charge and stand out with this excellent styling gel pondo hairstyle.

The hairstyle is created by precisely combining more hair extensions on the sides to create a distinctive crown.

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pondo hairstyles


 Afro moment

How do you do Afro twist in Pondo? You’ll need this afro pondo hairdo to get through your hectic schedule. You can get this sleek look in a matter of seconds. This afro not only frames her face and gives her a bright glow, it also makes a big statement. You may rapidly accomplish that by following this short instruction.

pondo hairstyle


Natty puffs

pondo hairstyles 2022

This is for the most daring, fashionable users. Large afro puffs that honor the beauty of the afro and natural hair are the culmination of several long ponytails. These lengthy ponytails are just stunning, and the large afro puffs at the end add to their allure. You can’t go wrong with this appearance if you like afro pondo hairstyles.

Afro Pony Tail


Classic Pony

This is a look that is classy and ferocious with a straightforward braided topknot with the rest of your gorgeous hair falling down. If you want to give a sophisticated style a fun, contemporary touch, use styling gel to smooth down your baby hairs. This is your next choice if you’re looking for a simple updo pondo hairstyle.

pondo hair styles


Top Knot Side Swoop

Add taste to your hairdo with a top knot side-swept ponytail. This gorgeous African ponytail rests calmly on the head whilst highlighting the beautiful features of the face. This style is one of the trendiest long pondo hairstyles

pondo hairstyles

Double Afro Bun

pondo hairstyles 2022

The young and the young at heart will love this straightforward, playful style. This updo style is excellent for kids because it combines the glitz of a bun with the fun of afro puffs. By gathering two parts of natural hair, it is easy to do. For individuals who wish to use two buns to recreate the trendy pussycat look, this hairstyle is ideal. As long as the buns are balanced equally, you can try these on hair extensions.

Bantu Knots

pondo hairstyles 2022

Do you adore the traditional design, yet feel like it could use further elaboration? Following that, you might choose braided Bantu knots. That appearance is ideal for any formal occasion and may even be worn to work.

The isiZulu people of South Africa invented the Bantu knot, which entails sectioning the hair, twisting it, and tying it to create a spiraled knot.

Jumbo Braid Buns

One of the most popular Pondo haircuts in South Africa is this one. Thankfully, it looks excellent on everyone, so you can join your friends and famous people in donning it without worrying about whether it will suit you.


Braided Pony

Ponies are usually loose but braided ponies are now becoming a trend. For this style to look good, your pony has to be a long one. This is also one of the easiest pondo styles to make. Ladies who do not have so much money to spend on kinky or bone straight hair extensions can take advantage of this style.


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Double Braided Ponny

Instead of one ponytail, you can make it two and still look beautiful and even more youthful. You can rock the hair for a photoshoot or any casual event.

Gelic Pondo

If you want your hair to look really bold and attractive, then consider making the Gelic pony. This hairstyle is best for those who have a small face because it has a way of adding volume to the face.

How To Make Afro Pondo

Most Pondo designs are simple to create. They are easy to make at home, especially if you already have a pony that is ready to go. One of the simplest Pondo hairstyles to create is Afro Pondo, and this is how you accomplish it.

Things You Will Need To Make Afro Pondo
• Water spray
• Conditioner
• Styling gel
• Edge control
• Kinky hair extension
• Comb
• Brush
• Rubber band
• Wool
• Scarf

We grouped the making procedure into different stages to make it easier to understand.

Stage 1. Setting Your Hair

  • Douse your hair with water.
  •  Apply conditioner, making sure to moisten your hair all throughout with both water and conditioner.
  •  Give your hair some time to set.
  •  Prepare the pony while your hair is sitting.

Stage 2: Preparing The Pony

  • Choose each afro pony extension one at a time until you get the volume you want.
  • Once you have the amount of hair you want, comb it out. We get combed so that our hair doesn’t look like dreadlocks.
  • Fold the extra piece in half.
  • Use a rubber band to tie the combed-out kinks in a bubble shape, leaving a little space at the top. Then, fold the edge to make another bubble. Tie a piece of wool around the edge to make it tight.

Stage 3: Attaching The Pony To Your Hair

  •  Put hair cream on your hair and comb it.
  • Apply a stylish gel to the top of your hair and rub it in.
  •  Put edge control or eco gel on your front hair to make it look smooth.
  • Pull your hair to the middle of your head and use a rubber band to hold it there.
  • You can style the tip of your hair with a brush.
  • Put a hair tie over your hair and let it sit for about an hour.
  • Put the pony in the space you made at the top of the kinked extension you already made.
  • Tie the extension to your hair with a band.
  • Try to make it as tight as you can.
  • Put your ponytail and hair in a neat way, and you’re ready to go.


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