Soete Wraak Teasers

Soete Wraak Teasers July 2023

Soete Wraak Teasers July 2023; In the July 2023 episodes of Soete Wraak, Bulent finds himself in deeper trouble as he faces a challenging situation, while Basak’s visit to Simay leads to unexpected events. The friendship between Sinan and Rüzgar is put to the test.

As the story unfolds, Pelin and Sinan’s relationship faces obstacles, secrets are revealed, and the characters navigate through unexpected twists and turns.

Tune in to eExtra for the premiere episodes of Soete Wraak, airing from Mondays to Fridays at 19h00.

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Soete Wraak Teasers July 2023

Sunday 2 July 2023
Episode 27
Bulent finds himself facing a difficult situation, plunging him into even deeper trouble. Basak’s visit to Simay proves to be more eventful than she had anticipated. The friendship between Sinan and Rüzgar undergoes a challenging test.

Episode 28
Sinan arranges a significant date with Pelin, but once again, Rüzgar manages to interfere. The group becomes extremely worried when Basak mysteriously disappears.

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Sunday 9 July 2023
Episode 29
In her relentless pursuit of revenge against Bülent, Basak crosses a line and faces unforeseen consequences. Necip and Havva undergo additional tests, leading Necip to uncover the true nature of their situation.

Episode 30
Havva finds herself trapped in a difficult predicament involving the dilemma of “pregnancy.” Rüzgar’s authoritative grandfather devises a plan that leaves Pelin even more bewildered about her feelings for Sinan.

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Sunday 16 July 2023
Episode 31
The highly anticipated day of the trial arrives, leaving everyone uncertain about the first witness’s stance. Riza and Süheyla embark on a mission to keep Pelin and Sinan apart.

Episode 32
As the chef’s competition draws near, Pelin becomes overwhelmed by the mounting pressure. Riza decides to address the situation with Sinan, and a soccer match leads to multiple arguments.

Sunday 23 July 2023
Episode 33
Riza finds himself in an unexpected hospital visit following a meeting with Turgut. Pelin and Sinan head to the competition, hoping that it will be the turning point in their relationship.

Episode 34
Hakan and Simay devise a plan to reconcile Bülent and Basak, but Kerem’s cunning tactics fail to yield the desired results. Will Sinan and Pelin finally confess their true feelings for each other?

Sunday 24 July 2023
Episode 35
Basak and Bülent come to the realization that the grass isn’t greener on the other side. Pelin and Sinan cherish a moment of serenity before facing the storm, as Sinan’s secret begins to catch up with him.

Episode 36
Pelin is taken aback by Riza’s confrontation, while Süheyla demands answers from Simay and Basak. Bülent’s surprise party takes an unexpected turn.

Sunday 31 July 2023
Episode 37
Sinan fights relentlessly for Pelin’s forgiveness, determined to make amends. Necip’s new exciting job brings a ray of hope to the family amidst their challenges.

Episode 38
Necip gives a young woman a ride, only to encounter an unexpected surprise. Basak unravels Pelin’s plan and sends Bülent to save the day.

Premiere episodes of Soete Wraak air on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 19h00

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