Soete Wraak teasers june 2023

Soete Wraak Teasers June 2023; Get a Sneak Peek at What’s to Come, Full Cast List

Soete Wraak Teasers June 2023; Soete Wraak Soapie story is about Pelin Soylu (Leyla Lydia Tuutlu) who  thinks that her string of failed relationships is karma for how she treated her college friend Tankut Sinan Ylmaz (Furkan Andc). Determined to make amends, Pelin asks forgiveness from Sinan. But Pelin’s acts had a big effect on Sinan’s life, which made him want to get back at her in his own way. As Pelin and Sinan try to figure out their complicated past, they run into unexpected problems that test their strength.

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Soete Wraak Teasers June 2023

Coming up on Soete Wraak in June 2023

Premiere episodes of Soete Wraak air on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 19h00.

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On June 4, 2023,

Episode 19

Pelin is going to the movies with Sinan for more than one reason. Someone from Sinan’s past comes to town, and Ceyda tricks Pelin in a mean way.

Episode 20

Pelin isn’t sure how she feels about Sinan. Sinan makes Havva feel better and says he will help Necip. Ceyda is excited for her date with Sinan, but Bulent tells Sinan about a sneaky plan.
On June 11, 2023,

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Episode 21

All the couples are in a race to show their love, and Necip is in a race to prove his innocence.

Episode 22

Sinan talks Necip into going back home. Ceyda’s dreams are shattered when she hears a shocking statement, and Meliha gets angry while Sinan runs away.
On June 18, 2023,

Episode 23

Everyone is afraid of Sinan, so Pelin goes on a mission to find him. Ceyda gives Bulent a choice between two options about the restaurant.

Episode 24

Pelin is annoyed by Rüzgar’s return. Basak is worried that Bülent will never ask her to marry him, so she and her friend plan to do something about it.
On June 25, 2023,

Episode 25

Hakan wants to give Simay a sweet surprise, but everything goes wrong. Rüzgar asks Sinan for a treat, and Pelin moves away from him because of it.

Episode 26

Because Bulent and Basak didn’t understand each other, Pelin and Sinan had to find an answer. Filiya has a visitor she doesn’t want. After seeing Rüzgar’s grandfather, Sinan is torn.

Soete Wraak Cast

Role Actor
Pelin Soylu Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu
Tankut Sinan Yılmaz Furkan Andıç
Barış İlker Kızmaz
Süheyla Soylu Zeyno Günenç
Rıza Soylu Kerem Atabeyoğlu
Meliha Yılmaz Ayşenil Şamlıoğlu
Bülent Çağrı Çitanak
Başak Hazal Türesan
Simay Cemre Gümeli
Ceyda Seren Deniz Yalçın
Necip Uysal Bülent Seyran
Havva Uysal Elif Çakman
Rüzgar Büşra Develi
Tolga Can Nergis
Serkan Barış Gönenen
Hakan Emre Taşkıran

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