Umkhokha The Curse Teasers for September 2023

Umkhokha The Curse Teasers for August 2023

Umkhokha The Curse Teasers for August 2023; As secrets unravel and emotions run high, the Gumede family faces a whirlwind of challenges, from revealing the truth about paternity to dealing with betrayal and the consequences of their actions. Tune in to Mzansi Magic for gripping episodes filled with love, conflict, and unexpected twists.

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Tuesday 1 August 2023
Episode 107

The Truth Unveiled

Difa is weary of the family’s relentless inquiries and decides to reveal the truth.

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Wednesday 2 August 2023
Episode 108

In Search of the Father

MaMzobe endeavors to find Zodwa’s baby daddy while attempting to win back Difa. Spha learns the truth from Mabusi. MaNzimande remains resolute, while Mashezi finds solace in the unfolding events.

Thursday 3 August 2023
Episode 109

Triumph and Turmoil

MaMzobe believes she and Difa have reconciled after spending the night together, while Zodwa is in need of a respite.

Friday 4 August 2023
Episode 110

Difa’s Dilemma

Determined to aid Zodwa, MaMzobe’s extreme measures push Difa to make a decision. MaNzimande warns Siphamandla about trusting Mlungisi, and Mabusi bears a heavy burden.

Monday 7 August 2023
Episode 111

Siblings or Rivals?

The truth about Difa and Zodwa’s affair threatens to surface when MaMzobe agrees to meet Difa’s new partner.

Tuesday 8 August 2023
Episode 112

JJ The Unfortunate

Difa takes out his frustrations on poor JJ, who learns he’s the father of Zodwa’s baby. Mlungisi’s grip on the church weakens, and Maphalala is his last hope.

Wednesday 9 August 2023
Episode 113

MaMzobe’s Wrath

Desperate to salvage her marriage, MaMzobe discovers the betrayal by Difa and Zodwa. Siphamandla faces challenges as Mlungisi berates him for attracting more members to his branch. Meanwhile, Nomkhosi encourages Khulekani to exploit the fallout between Siphamandla and Mlungisi.

Thursday 10 August 2023
Episode 114

Where is MaMzobe?

Just when love appears to restore peace in the Gumede household, rage bursts in and wreaks havoc.

Friday 11 August 2023
Episode 115

Crossing Boundaries

The Mzobes face multiple challenges as MaMzobe struggles to cope with pain and worry. Zodwa’s future is uncertain, and the Mthembus must deal with the aftermath of Mlungisi’s tyranny.

Monday 14 August 2023
Episode 116

No Apology, Terminate!

During a family meeting, Zodwa tries to turn the tables on MaMzobe after her pregnancy is exposed, leading to a fateful ultimatum.

Tuesday 15 August 2023
Episode 117

Kushaye Mkhululi Kushaye

Zodwa blurts out MaMzobe’s biggest and darkest secret. Mlungisi feels the pressure of firing the council, and Maphalala stumbles upon Sibusiso and Mazungu’s secret.

Wednesday 16 August 2023
Episode 118

New Order

Difa plans to expose MaMzobe to the family but ends up airing his own dirty laundry.

Thursday 17 August 2023
Episode 119

The Sinful Union

After facing a barrage of family secrets, Difa seeks to finally marry the love of his life.

Friday 18 August 2023
Episode 120

Keeping Up With The Mzobes

Difa takes a bold step, making an announcement that deeply hurts MaMzobe. Mabusi ignores Zodwa’s visit and opts to speak to MaMzobe instead. Mazungu is scandalized and intrigued when she sees Zodwa and Difa holding hands.

Monday 21 August 2023
Episode 121


Gabisile’s rage towards Zodwa intensifies. Mlungisi confides in Mabusi while MaZungu shares the tea on the drama at the Gumede residence.

Tuesday 22 August 2023
Episode 122

Miracle Baby

Zodwa’s anxiety heightens upon confirming her pregnancy. Mlungisi and Sibusiso mock the church, while Siphamandla achieves success at the Pietermaritzburg branch.

Wednesday 23 August 2023
Episode 123

Seeking Redemption

The Mzobes won’t tolerate Difa’s disrespect, as he strives to marry Zodwa. The Mthembus struggle to reach Mabusi, who grapples with their accusations.

Thursday 24 August 2023
Episode 124

My Difa, My Love

The Mzobes think they have broken MaMzobe’s spirit. Nomkhosi sows discord between Mabusi and MaNzimande, and Maphalala gets entangled in gossip due to his wife.

Friday 25 August 2023
Episode 125

Barren Territory

A trail of blood shocks Zodwa and Difa to the core. MaMzobe receives a cold welcome at Mlungisi’s House. MaShezi can’t believe MaMzobe is giving up so easily. All church members abandon the main branch for the PMB branch.

Monday 28 August 2023
Episode 126


Zodwa comes perilously close to losing her pregnancy but is saved just in time. MaMzobe is far from pleased upon hearing the news, and Mlungisi sends Siphamandla to Vosloorus.

Tuesday 29 August 2023
Episode 127

Mthembu’s Inquiry

Mlungisi has a disturbing dream after Mthembu poses a challenging question. MaNzimande confronts Mlungisi for sending Siphamandla to Joburg, nearly resorting to violence, but MaMzobe intervenes. Nokubonga is elated about Siphamandla being sent to Johannesburg.

Wednesday 30 August 2023
Episode 128


Maphalala issues a grim warning to Difa. Siphamandla holds MaNzimande accountable for attacking Mlungisi. Zodwa blames MaMzobe for her pregnancy woes.

Thursday 31 August 2023
Episode 129

Let The Fire Burn!

Mlungisi finally realizes that playing with fire is perilous. Difa embraces his roots and looks forward to a brighter future with Zodwa. MaMzobe experiences her own medicine.

Premiere episodes of Umkhokha: The Curse air on Mzansi Magic from Mondays to Fridays at 20h30.

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