Driving Schools in Pretoria

Top 10 Driving Schools in Pretoria

Driving schools in pretoria and driving lessons are crucial for a number of reasons, By educating drivers on safe driving techniques and removing bad driving habits, driving lessons first and foremost assist in lowering the total risk of accidents on the road.

Defensive driving techniques are also taught to motorists to help them steer clear of fatal errors, Road awareness, which enables drivers to identify potential accident situations and what to do in them before they occur, is another crucial ability to develop.


The instruction will urge drivers to obey traffic laws at all costs and cultivate a habit of being more watchful and cautious while driving to lower risks and enormous liability.

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Additionally, driving instruction teaches critical abilities like vehicle control, parking, and angling in confined spaces; Additionally, it aids in the development of a strong base of abilities and information that may be used to driving.

Aspigon Driving Academy Villieria

Aspigon is located at 625 32nd Ave, Pretoria, 0186. You can contact them at 081 382 7004**⁴. They offer professional and affordable driving school lessons for both learners and drivers licenses (K53).

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They are in the city of Pretoria competent educators with 15 years of expertise, they are experts in the codes A, B, EB, C, C1, and EC, Learners used an antiquated system of handwriting, License in 7 days.

ANE Academy of Driving

ANE academy of the top driving schools in pretoria,offering a comprehensive range of driving school services from code 08 to code 14 drivers licence lessons, obtaining learner’s licence, exam booking assistance and more.

Izelle: 083 284 8911

Email: info@anek53.co.za

Address: 18 Lancia St Lynnwood Ridge, Pretoria 0040,

Paul’s Driving School

Paul’s Driving School is located at 268 Trouw Street, Pretoria North, Pretoria – 0084, And they give driving classes to people in Pretoria and Centurion. This driving school gives lessons and pick-up and drop-off services for the purpose of testing. This driving school made our list of the best driving schools in Pretoria because they give good driving classes and make getting your driver’s license easier and faster.
  • Contact Address: 268 Trouw Street, Pretoria North, Pretoria – 0084
  • Phone Number: 081 390 6733

Ur Driving School

Ur Driving School in Pretoria provides driving lessons for people in Pretoria and Centurion as well as being an active participant in the State of Africa National Association of Driving Schools. This driving school will not only teach you how to drive but will also help you get ready for your driver’s license test by instructing you on how to drive and park in the K53 manner before the test.
  • Contact Address: Rave Centre, Cnr Booysen, and Paul Kruger, Les Marais, Pretoria – 0084
  • Phone Number: 072 0707277

Rize Up Driving Academy

It has an offline office at Pretoria Ext 1, Pretoria – 0183, or you may call them at 083 645 4156. One of the few driving schools in Pretoria started by a woman is this one. They facilitate the acquisition of driver’s licenses with codes 08 to 14, in addition to providing driving instruction.

Contact Details : Pretoria Ext 1, Pretoria – 0183 Phone: 083 645 4156

KSM Driving

KSM has been in the transport industry since 1994. We now handle most transport-related training duties and are TETA-registered practitioners with a passion for safety and excellence.
KSM is growing in the industry and is listed as one of South Africa’s top 10 trainers on LinkedIn and Facebook.
KSM works with various transporters in the insurance sector to improve fleet efficiency. In the annual Hollard Highway Hero’s campaign, KSM is the selected training service provider, competing against SA’s biggest.
KSM offers a wide range of training packages for corporate and industrial businesses and facilitates skills development through your SETA so you may benefit from upskilling your personnel annually.

Address :

227 Compacta Street, Pretoria North, Pretoria – 0116

The Liberty School of Driving

Address: 447 Airport Road, Doornpoort, Pretoria – 0186 Phone: 082 950 3483
This school is at Cobusoord, 447 Airport Road, Doornpoort, Pretoria – 0186. Like most of the schools on our list of the best driving schools in Pretoria, they give driving classes and training based on the K53 standard with a K53 Instructor. They also help make it easier for you to get your code B(8) learner’s permit and driver’s license.

Fearless Driving School

Fearless Driving School is proud of how easy it is to learn how to drive with them. They can teach people who have never tried to drive a car before how to do it. This driving school in Pretoria offers both beginner and advanced lessons, as well as K53 and Code 8 licenses. They teach how to ride bikes, drive cars, and drive big trucks.
Contact Address: 105 Viljoen St, Riviera, Pretoria, 0084, South Africa
Phone Number: 079 480 3229


Contact Address: Montana Park, Pretoria, 0151 Phone: 012 547 5468
Prep2drive is in Montana Park, Pretoria, 0151, and in addition to teaching people how to drive, they also rent out cars with drivers, transport people around South Africa, and move furniture. According to the web reviews, Prep2drive has good customer service and offers good services.

 The Bonus Driving School

Address: 1133 Cunningham Avenue, Villieria, Villieria, Pretoria, 0186, South Africa; Phone: 081 821 3888
Bonus Driving School is proud of its friendly driving teachers who give their students a comfortable and encouraging environment. Each student is given an instructor who is in charge of teaching them and getting them ready for their driving test.
This school of driving is at 1133 Cunningham Avenue, Villieria, Villieria, Pretoria – 0186. To book a lesson, you can go to their website or call 081 821 3888.

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