House of Zwide 3 Teasers for October 2023

House of Zwide 3 Teasers for August 2023; What to Expect!!!

House of Zwide 3 Teasers for August 2023; In these episodes, Nandipha offers Isaac immunity to betray the Zwides, but Rea advises him to accept the deal. Funani considers framing Isaac for murder, but abandons the plan after talking to Ona.

House of Zwide 3 Teasers for August 2023

Tue 1 Aug 2023
Ep. 12 (532)

Nandipha arrives at the Molapo residence, offering Isaac immunity if he betrays the Zwides. Surprisingly, Rea advises him to accept the deal.

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Wed 2 Aug 2023
Ep. 13 (533)

Isaac chooses not to testify against the state, which pleases Funani. However, Funani later considers framing Isaac for Alex’s murder to protect Nkosi from imprisonment.

Thu 3 Aug 2023
Ep. 14 (534)

After conversing with Ona, Funani abandons the plan to implicate Isaac. Meanwhile, Zanele finally meets up with Zola and finds him intriguing and intricate.

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Fri 4 Aug 2023
Ep. 15 (535)

Nkosi defies his father and discreetly places the firearm at the Molapo residence. He then notifies the authorities, who search the house, discover the weapon, and arrest Isaac for murder.

Mon 7 Aug 2023
Ep. 16 (536)

A frustrated Funani considers framing Faith for Alex’s murder, but Laz helps him realize that Faith’s arguments are valid and Isaac is a viable suspect.

Tue 8 Aug 2023
Ep. 17 (537)

Funani denies plotting to frame Isaac and proposes to take care of Isaac’s family if he agrees to take the blame for the murder.

Wed 9 Aug 2023
Ep. 18 (538)

Zanele informs Zola that she is willing to give their relationship a chance, but at a gradual pace. Zola gladly accepts but insists on exclusivity.

Thu 10 Aug 2023
Ep. 19 (539)

Nandipha discloses Nkosi’s involvement in Alex’s murder to Shoki, but Shoki remains skeptical. Faith invites Zanele’s boyfriend for dinner.

Fri 11 Aug 2023
Ep. 20 (540)

Rea informs Molefe about the recording Isaac made on the night they buried Alex, highlighting the potential for a conflict between the families.

Mon 14 Aug 2023
Ep. 21 (541)

Rea informs Isaac that Funani promised to bail him out. However, when Nandipha fails to persuade Isaac to testify against the Zwides, she blocks his bail.

Tue 15 Aug 2023
Ep. 22 (542)

Faith suspects something amiss with Zola, but Nkosi believes she merely dislikes being contradicted and exposed for her hypocrisy.

Wed 16 Aug 2023
Ep. 23 (543)

Mampho and Neo clash while debating the editorial, leading Molefe to encourage Ona to regain control of the project.

Thu 17 Aug 2023
Ep. 24 (544)

Funani gives an interview to Vogue Africa while Ona handles the editorial. Nandipha threatens to harm Isaac in prison unless Rea presents the evidence implicating the Zwides.

Fri 18 Aug 2023
Ep. 25 (545)

Rea informs Ona that the Zwides killed Alex and enlisted Isaac’s help in concealing the evidence, but Ona refuses to believe her.

Mon 21 Aug 2023
Ep. 26 (546)

Isaac and Funani get into a fight after being placed in the same prison cell for Alex’s murder. Funani tells Nkosi that Isaac recorded him on the night of the crime.

Tue 22 Aug 2023
Ep. 27 (547)

Faith confronts Rea for providing Nandipha with incriminating evidence against Funani. Nkosi suggests bringing Faith in to oversee the collection’s development.

Wed 23 Aug 2023
Ep. 28 (548)

Neo surprises Ona with flowers and a day out. Funani requests Faith’s return to HoZ to lead the design of the collection, and she happily agrees.

Thu 24 Aug 2023
Ep. 29 (549)

Funani finally confesses the truth about Alex’s death to Ona, who walks out on him. Just as Laz is about to evict Mampho, Faith intervenes, leading Mampho to beg for a job.

Fri 25 Aug 2023
Ep. 30 (550)

Ona apologizes to Rea for doubting her and laments having to keep a secret about Alex’s true cause of death.

Mon 28 Aug 2023
Ep. 31 (551)

With Isaac imprisoned, Rea urges Molefe to step up. She forces him to work on the chisanyama, despite his exhaustion from House of Zwide.

Tue 29 Aug 2023
Ep. 32 (552)

Nandipha wonders if Funani falls under Isaac’s protection too. Isaac hesitates but eventually declares Funani and himself untouchable in prison.

Wed 30 Aug 2023
Ep. 33 (553)

Laz suggests to Ona that she should design for her father. Ona promises to consider it but ultimately chooses to stay and assist an overwhelmed Rea.

Thu 31 Aug 2023
Ep. 34 (554)

Sandile overhears Laz claiming that he, Mampho, and Neo are inadequate, leading Sandile to confront Laz for never believing in him.

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