Mandla Mthembu

Mandla Mthembu Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth 2023

Mandla Mthembu is a 68-year-old businessman and entrepreneur from South Africa. He gained notoriety as a result of his extravagant spending and opulent way of living. Mandla gained widespread recognition after his marriage to South African actress Khanyi Mbau.

He founded and is the proprietor of Sechaba Printing, a business that later changed its name to Sechaba Photoscan. He is also the owner of Martial Eagle Investments. It was stated in 2010 that the majority of his millions had disappeared to the point where he couldn’t afford housing. Since then, he has stopped speaking, and the majority of Mzansi followers are unsure of his whereabouts.


Mandla Mthembu Age

Mandla Mthembu is 68 years old, he was born at year 1964


Mandla Mthembu’s wife

Mandla was the husband of Dolly Matshabe prior to Khanyi. One of the two daughters they had was named Nelisiwe. However, they split up soon after the birth of their second child, and Mandla quickly moved on to Khanyi, who was only interested in him for his money. At the time that they began dating, the businessman was 30 years older than Khanyi.

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When Mbau was about 21 years old, the two got married in a customary ceremony before the end of 2006. Masibulele “Hawk” Makepula, a three-time world flyweight champion, presided over the event. Khanukani was born on December 24, 2006, to Mandla Mthembu and Khanyi Mbau. Before Khanyi claimed that Mandla was an abusive man who hit her while she was pregnant and caused her sadness for more than two decades, they all seemed to be a happy family.

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Mandla Mthembu Career

Mthembu ran a conventional printing company in Johannesburg known as Sechaba Photoscan during the beginning of the twenty first century. William Peterson was his business partner at the time, and the two of them handled the company together. He got around in a beat-up old BMW, and he would frequently beg his buddies for money to put in the gas tank of his vehicle. When compared to former times, Mandla got affluent and was able to rent the opulent penthouse in Melrose Arch that cost 6 million Rand in Rosebank.

This was in addition to renting other residences owned by Mandla Mthembu. He was frequently spotted cruising around in luxury automobiles like as Porsches and Ferraris, and he switched between them frequently. Mthembu became wealthy because Sechaba Printing won a lawsuit against Transnet parastatal over the company’s decision to transfer its printing business, Transnet Production House, to Skotaville Press, a company that Mthembu alleged had ties to the African National Congress (ANC). In 2007.

The successful businessman had an interest in investing in banking and financial services, and he also owned Martial Eagle Investments, which placed a bid for a controlling position of 55% in Johnnic Communications. Once the couple divorced, Mthembu provided his first wife with an R3 million cluster home in Bedfordview that was completely furnished as well as a R10,000 stipend each month. He purchased a property in the amount of R1.5 million for Khanyi’s father, who ran a taxi business.

Net Worth

His homes, exotic automobiles, and other possessions were sold or repossessed due to financial difficulties. Since he was regarded as a multi-millionaire and some sources indicate he was worth R2.5 billion in 2007, it is difficult to determine the man’s current net worth.

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